Upstate Michigan

     On the first cold weekend of November myself, my brother and two close friends left Midwestern Ohio for the Michigan Upper Peninsula. Our plan was to camp for several days, but our desire was to spend time together away from the routines we had all grown accustomed to. My close friend Paul was soon to become a father, and all of us felt a change on the horizon. With these thoughts on our minds we packed up our bags and set off. In search of rest and memories, we found much more. Michigan is astoundingly beautiful, and our time there was spent wandering the wide open spaces before us. Below are several photographs from that time, all taken on 35mm Ektar 100; and a small poem written during the trip. 

Lake like an ocean,

Wind like a wave,

Gentle force upon my face.

Out of film,

I waited,

We Walked.

Color deeper than color,

Reds and blues and greens.

Pause and listen,

You are with God,

Bethel, heaven upon earth.

We walked upon water,

As birds without flight.

Flowers pressed,

Against my chest,

To remember a time soon passing.